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A cookie is a very small text file placed onto your computer by a website. It does this for a variety of reasons, such as; making the website run smoothly; remembering that a user is logged in; updating items in a shopping cart or gathering data on user behaviour. They cannot be used to identify you personally.

By using you are agreeing to the use of cookies for the purposes set out below. To find out more information on cookies, and similar technologies, visit the BBC website.

First Party Cookies

Our websites use session cookies to enable parts of the website, like enquiry forms, to function correctly. We also set cookies to ensure our website is secure and safe to browse. If you have set to make the font size bigger, or set another accessibility related option, you may find a cookie is set to remember this preference so the next time you log on you don't need to reselect your accessibility options. The cookies we set are essential to the smooth running of our website.

Google Analytics Cookies

Most websites use Analytics software to gather data on how users browse a website. We use Google Analytics for this purpose and for this to function, Google set a number of cookies on your computer. We use this data to ensure we understand the user's journey through the website and don't unnecessarily cloud the user experience. We use Google Analytics to understand what browsers and devices people are using so we can better tailor our website to our users. Google Analytics cookies cannot be used to identify you personally.
For more information on the kind of cookies Google set please visit their website.

Social Media Cookies

Ashford College uses social media as a vital tool in engaging with our users. Therefore, we embed certain social media functionality into our website. Each Social Media platform may set certain cookies. You can find more information on these cookies by visiting the individual social networks privacy policy pages below.


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