Learning Resource Centre

Who we are

The Learning Resources Service has centres on both College campuses.

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What we do

The Learning Resources Service provides a range of resources and information in both book and electronic formats to support the needs of all students and staff at the College.

We have:

  • Books - for loan in all centres
  • Journals and newspapers
  • Audio visual materials - DVDs, videos, audio cassettes, CD ROMs, classical music CDs
  • Online resources
  • Photocopying
  • Digital camera and scanner
  • Services for users with special needs
  • Study facilities - for group work and individual study.

Can I borrow materials?

Yes - from all the LRCs. All students are entitled to borrow up to 8 items - this includes books, journals (back issues), DVDs, videos and classical music CDs. Some items are marked as reference only.

How long can I borrow for?

Items can normally be renewed. If books have been requested by other users, or are very overdue, you will not be able to renew them. You can renew items yourself using the Autolib system - LRC staff will show you how to do this. You can also renew by telephone: 0845 207 8220

Other services Ashford College LRC offers?

Photocopying - all the centres have a black and white photocopier and additional colour copying facilities are available.

Scanning - Documents can be scanned in a variety of formats, both colour and greyscale available.

LRC Online

You can renew your books online and access the LRC catalogues from home.

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